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The Loan Fund is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides loans, as well as consulting and training services, to small businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. Most of our clients are unable to obtain financing through banks or credit unions.

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To provide dynamic corporate leadership and support for our business and external environment. At Stallion Security Logistics & Financial Company, our values are a signature of our innovation, creativity and excellence. This innovative culture is the driving force behind our business and as a subsidiary of The Concept Group, we ride under the same umbrella of ethics, which have been developed into the acronym CONCEPT, completely defining who we are. C - Continuous Improvement O – Optimization N – New Ideas C – Customer Satisfaction E – Ethics and Integrity P – Productivity T – Teamwork

To build a first class,market oriented organization that creates wealth and facilitates growth.


Benefit from SME loans with flexible terms, free early repayment and without any collateral.

To build a first class,market oriented organization that creates wealth and facilitates growth.

Financial institutions are facing unprecedented market challenges as revenue and profit sources are shifting, cost pressures are rising and customer behaviours are evolving. Rosabon Financial Services has however remained strong in business by constantly developing world class financial products suited to meet the diverse and ever changing demands of our growing clientele. As often as necessary, we transform our Business models to suit these needs and improve profitability. What makes us stand out are our clear cut strategies, understanding our target audience, operating model and disciplined execution. With the effective use of technology, we provide speedy and efficient services to all our clientele. A key objective of Rosabon Financial Services strategy is to expand the nature and scope of its engagements with existing clients by increasing the volume of its projects and expanding the breadth of services rendered in a timely manner. Over the decades, the organization has transformed itself into a progressive and modern non-banking institution, supported by a secure financial base and guided by a strong and stable management team. As a result of this, our customers have stood by us, and shown exceptional loyalty, throughout the years.

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